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Thor 39m


Exterior Design

Thor 39m

Vessels in a typical explorer line make use of huge, seamless windows in the superstructure and vertical hull side portlights, which work together to ensure that the ship takes full advantage of available natural light cabins. Compared to the traditional explorer motor yacht designs, Thor has more sporty and dynamic unique lines.

Thor features two saloons in total, one features a special cinema saloon, master stateroom and four large guest bedrooms. Crew are also offered comfortable accommodation; 3 separate cabins have double beds with laundry and a captain’s cabin.

Thor’s features create the best of both worlds for its guests. Aft foldable bulwarks extend the deck closer to the water to allow the users to enjoy the deck at any time of day. The jacuzzi on the deck provides a uniquely comfortable experience near the sea, whilst the gym and sauna on the beach deck allows guests to enjoy multiple sports and leisure activities.

There are multiple ways that the equipment and technical areas, that effect the form of mechanical functions, are combined with creative styling. Firstly, the crane is hidden in the bulwark on the starboard bow area. Secondly, the wing stations are designed in harmony with the hull of the boat. Thirdly, the awning design on the main and upper decks are light and sport in appearance. And finally, the flexible solar panel follows hardtop form.

Thor also serves great range with its efficient hull and minimum fuel consumption. With SCR units, you may enjoy your journey limitless. Thor combines the seakeeping abilities of an expedition yacht and shares a similar hull form while bringing a modern and contemporary look and feel to the design.