Discover our powerful Rhino plugins designed to enhance your yacht and ship
engineering projects. Our intuitive and efficient tools streamline your design
process, making it easier than ever to create innovative marine designs.

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Notilus Design Rhino Plugins

Notilus Steeler

Automated 3D Modeling for Yachts and Ships
Notilus Steeler is a revolutionary plugin that automates CAD-CAM processes, making structural modeling a breeze. It detects parts, assigns pose numbers, creates 2D parts, generates stiffeners, and more, all in a collaborative database environment.

Notilus Piping

Efficient 3D Piping Design
Notilus Piping simplifies the creation of pipes with elbows, segments, valves, and more. It supports custom libraries, quick modifications, HVAC channel modeling, weight calculations, and spool layouts.

Notilus Drafting

Streamlined Workshop Drawing
Notilus Drafting is your workshop drawing solution, offering automatic dimensioning, 2D drawing generation, labeling, layout generation, and section options. It's perfect for simplifying the creation and revision of workshop drawings.

Notilus Clipper

Enhanced Clipping Plane Management
Notilus Clipper empowers you to use Rhino's clipping planes more effectively. Quickly set clipping plane locations, enable/disable them, and save project-specific clipping plane settings.

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